Who we are?

Modalis is a project of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Mobilités trade union. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Region and 25 Mobility Organising Authorities* wanted to combine their skills and resources to create “Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Mobilités” on 13 July 2018, thus constituting the largest intermodal joint association in France due to its geographical scope and the number of transport networks concerned. In order to establish a real chain of travel on the regional territory, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Mobilités implements the following actions, in conjunction with its members:

  • the implementation of an integrated mobility system, allowing neo-Aquitaines to easily prepare their trips, by clearly informing them about the mobility offer and accompanying them during their journey
  • coordination of transport networks to facilitate connections within multimodal hubs
  • the creation of combined/integrated fares facilitating access to mobility services, in particular through the deployment of the Modalis ticketing card.